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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My first Play-Date after school with Nancy. We ate cup-cakes, played in the plaY-ground and put on our chef hats and aprons and had tea. My sisters stopped being couch-monkeys and played too

My Birthdays, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011. 2012

February 19, 2006

Yesterday we went to the Gazillion Bubbles Show in NYC, followed by a great trip to Johnny Rocket’s (founded on June 6, 1986, by Ronn Teitelbaum of Los Angeles, California, and “crafted as a ‘nongimmicky’ recreation of the 1940s-vintage malt shops of his childhood.” The first restaurant was established as a 20-stool counter operation on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.). This one was on 3rd Avenue and 56th and about three blocks down from my next stop on the Great Birthday Tour of New York City; Dylans Candy Bar ( on 3rd and 60th. You can look this one up for yourself on Wikipedia. UK residents will just have to imagine a Willie Wonka Bar with more Chocolate and Candy than you could eat in a million years. So far only available in the USA.
Today is actually my Official Birthday. 21 Gun Salute and Parade down Fifth Avenue please! To celebrate I went to The Royal Hanneford Circus in Westchester County Center, White Plains. No idea where the Royal term comes from but somehow sincerely doubt it has the Royal Charter. Anyway in Westchester we tend to ignore those minor details and just enjoy the elephants for their own minus the Maharajahs. Circus time. Followed by Healthy Pancakes at the City Limits Diner. Yuch. No-one ate them. We like unhealthy ones. Birthday Cake to come. Hope that nobody threw in any organic ingredients into this one. Reasonable chance it will be yummy. O

6 today, February 19, 2012

Barney Video 1off to the Circus. Saw Gazillion Bubbles yesterday in NYC.
Pictures to follow. Watch my Barney Video. O

January 31, 2012 School Photos

I can now say my whole name and count to ten. Soon I will be six. Here is my latest school photo as well as Felicity and Lilibet.

December 3, 2011 Ophelia goes to town, pedicure and manicure with Pari

O’s adventures
The entire Riverside area loves O! That is no surprise of course. We started our adventure at Rose Nails where Choi, the owner went gaga over O. O took off her boots and jacket in mid-air and proceeded to pick out her favorite color polish (pink and blue) and pointed to her toes and nails.
Once she sat in the chair, she was like a wiggle worm and they were all fanning her nails to get them dried fast so she would not smudge them. They painted flowers on her toes and nails and she kept saying “pretty”!
Next stop, Aux Delices for a “girl’s lunch”, where she was very generous to everyone and put cookies and her hair bow in people’s bags!
We came home next to “Pari’s house” as she called it, where she ripped open her Christmas presents and took off her dress and put them on, ate her Hello Kitty cookie, got naked and went for a nap! She woke up a few minutes later, wanted to watch Barney, watched Tom & Gerry instead and then proceeded to take John upstairs to bed (how fast they learn these girls)! She had been calling herself Pari’s girl all day but from that point on, she was John’s girl!

We sure loved having our O for a few hours! Thank you, thank you! She is the most loving child and we adore her.

November, 2011, Parkway School

This was my first school photo at Parkway School, Kindergarten with Mr Sweeney.

October 2011 getting ready for Halloween

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