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Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Almost one year old. I had my first Christmas and it was a blast. I sent out Christmas cards to all my friends.
I can sit up by myself since the day after Boxing Day. That would be December 27th for my fans in the USA. I am leaving New York, yet again, on Virgin Atlantic on Friday January 12th for my London home. I have an appearance scheduled for GMTV with Lorraine and I am hoping she likes little girls or else I’m in trouble. Poppy is going to talk a little about me and about scientific research into children with DS. Poppy says there are over 350,000 DS affected individuals in the USA alone. Eighty per-cent are born to mothers under the age of 35. As you know, we DS kids are very good at socialising and smiling but sometimes have trouble counting our fingers and toes.
My Hero, Prof. Bill Mobley has a promising gang of mice with DS and he thinks he can make them smarter. Poppy says he needs money so I am going on GMTV to shamelessly drum up support. When I get back to the USA I have another event planned for Thursday March 29th at the Ferrari/Aston Martin/Bentley Dealership in Greenwich, Connecticut, with a few of my friends.
Prof. Bill Mobley and Poppy of course will be there to light the torch. I am the guest of honour and would not miss it for anything. Can’t wait to see the latest Bentley convertible. 

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