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Friday, September 1st, 2006 (Part I)

Today is a big day for my BLOG. Poppy has taken the day off and I am once again visiting a Hospital. This time it is the Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital for ear surgery. The first thing that happens is that they take my temperature and weight, which is officially 14 pounds (one stone in UK speak).

Dr David Karas is my Ear Doctor. He reminds me of Poppy, Very down-to-ground and very intelligent. When he talks about Trisomy -21, Poppy tells him it’s OK to say Down’s syndrome. Dr Karas admits he had better make his mind up about that because he is going to be speaking to the Connecticut branch of the Downs Syndrome Congress in the next few weeks.

Dr. Karas has scheduled me for ear surgery today. I need tubes in my ears to make sure I don’t get fluid building up behind the ear drum. Bernadette, the audiologist, is going to test my hearing while I am asleep and see how I score. Poppy and Mamma meet Dr. Wang, the anesthesiologist and she is great. She insists that kisses goodbye make for better anesthesia so I get a big kiss from Mamma and Poppy before Dr. Wang whisks me off to the operating room.

This surgery is a lot less complicated than my open heart surgery. The ‘tubes’ take ten minutes and the hearing test about another 45 minutes. Although my ear drums are not completely normal, the surgery goes well and I now have ear tubes! That’s a first for the family.

After I am back in the recovery Room and sitting in Mamma’s lap, Bernadette came by and gave me the thumbs up. I can hear in both ears in the high low and mid-range just fine. So apart from regular follow-up, this has been a big day. It feels like someone has taken out my ear-plugs.

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