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Monday, November 17th, 2008

I am now going to ‘school’ twice a week. I have my own backpack that looks like a lady-bug and apart from some general hesitation when Poppy took me; I usually just walk in and never look back. I am very sociable. When my sisters take me to their schools I just sit down and join in the fun. My latest hobby is to take marker pens and draw on everything and I mean everything.

I love books and I Iove school and I love to eat. So my main words are ‘book’, ‘school’ and ‘more’. I argue a lot with my sisters and my dog Clementine. If I don’t get my way I scream ‘no’ or just scream. I am definitely getting an attitude. When Poppy is home he puts me to bed and gives me a Teddy to cuddle. Sometimes he reads to me but Mamma is the best reader. However Poppy is the doctor in the family so I make a special point of refusing any medicines from Mamma and happily accepting them from Poppy.

My favourite day is Tuesday when I go to Poppy’s office for speech therapy. I steal a lollipop and I make my way back to the operating room or the consulting room to say hello to Poppy and his Nurses because I know I make their day.

When Poppy is in London I keep in touch on the phone with ‘Hi Da-Da’ and ‘Bye Da-Da’

I can now walk just fine and Poppy helps me walk up and down the stairs. I can climb into the car by myself and I can get out of my high chair and into the big chairs at the dinner table. I am helping Mamma set the table in the evening and if I get hungry when she is not around I help myself to some biscuits.

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