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February 19th 2006

I was officially born on February 19th, 2006, but like all lives, it started about 9 months before with you know what. I was born in Greenwich Hospital, Connecticut. Mamma was pregnant and she really wanted a boy since she already had three beautiful girls, Tailor, Felicity and Lilibet. Felicity and Lilibet were two rather mendacious twins with very curly hair, brown eyes and yes, big ears. Tailor had none of these except for the brown eyes but she had a different Dad so one had to expect a few differences. They all lived by the beach in Westport.

My time inside Mamma seemed to be going swimmingly. Mama had very little sickness and Poppy was rushing to London every month, where he operated on his European patients. (For a new-born I know a lot about these things). They were both very busy and my first day breathing air was planned to dove-tail neatly into all of their plans.

On Sunday morning the 19th of February, my Poppy and my Mamma got everything together to arrive at the Hospital. We were running late and my Obstetrician called me to find out where I was. After we arrived, Mama was plugged into to all of the television screens with wiggly lines and numbers and an intravenous tube was put into her hand. They gave her some medicine into the tube which made the sac around me contract and push me out. Everything went to plan and after a short Labour, I popped right out at about seven ‘o’clock that evening.

I didn’t weigh much and I didn’t have a lot to say, but I was pink and breathing well and my Apgar score was 9 out of 10. I had passed my first exam.

Poppy was a doctor and this was his eighth child. His other children were all girls except for one boy. He would have liked another boy, but all he could say when I was born was that he just wanted a healthy child. I appeared to fit the bill. I was shipped off to the nursery and Mamma went to her room and Poppy went home. All -in-all it had been a pretty good day for all of us.

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