gif89a 2006 April | Ophelia

April 17th, 2006

Got home to a decent bed yesterday. I am over the diarrhea and slept through the night except for one pit stop for a refill. This morning I pooped out halfway through another bottle. Mamma carted me off to Dr. Snyder again for a checkup and apart from some ulcers from all the stress, he [...]

Saturday, April 15 th 2006

Ophelia , My life so far, 8 weeks tomorrow ‘All of the events in my story are real, and so are the people.’ Un-expurgated version. My thanks to poppy for transcribing my thoughts whilst I was otherwise occupied. Tweet

Friday April 14th, 2006

Poppy arrived at the end of the day with Mamma who went home briefly. I finally got turfed out of the cardio-thoracic intensive care unit (known locally as ‘CTICU’). I said good-bye to my nurses, Gillian and Carol. Room 603 6th Floor Pediatrics I was wheeled down in my crib to the 6th floor Pediatric [...]

April 13th, 2006

The next morning was Thursday and Mamma drove in to see me whilst Poppy stayed at his office to operate. At about 11:00 am I finally had my breathing tube taken out of my nose and I was able to cry. That first day was tough. I was still hooked up to a lot of [...]

Thursday, April 12th 2006

Another early morning ride in a car to a Hospital, but this time instead of being inside of Mamma’s tummy I was sitting in a car seat. I slept all the way, even though I was a little hungry. We drove into New York City on a Wednesday morning catching the beginning of the rush [...]